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Dr. Miller is a veterinarian retired from a long practice career with a lifetime of experience as a horseman.  

He is an expert in equine behavioral science and has served as a witness in that capacity in a great many legal cases over the past several decades.   He is well known as an author, teacher, and innovator in horsemanship and has produced both books and videos on how to work with horses safely. 

Contact Dr. Miller's office about serving as an expert witness in equine behavior, email to: 

Curriculum Vitae
     B.S.,  Animal Husbandry, University of Arizona, 1951 
     D.V.M., Colorado State University, 1956
Professional Background
 	General Practice, all species, 1956 - 1987
	Founder and Chief-of-Staff. Conejo Valley Veterinary Clinic, Thousand Oaks, California. A 12 doctor group when
	Dr. Miller retired in 1987, and an American Animal Hospital Association facility.
	Editorial Staff of Veterinary Medicine, Modern Veterinary Practice, Veterinary Forum. and Western Horseman.
	American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
	California Veterinary Medical Association
	Ventura County Veterinary Medical Association
	American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP)
	American Association. of Zoo Veterinarians
	American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior 
	International Directory of Equine Behavior Researchers
	Health Problems of the Horse,1967. Revised 1988; Western Horseman Publishing
 	Most of My Patients Are Animals, 1987, Paul Eriksson Publishing Co.
 	Most of My Patients Are Animals, paperback 1988, St Martin's Press
 	Most of My Patients Are Animals, 1989, UK and German editions
 	Imprint Training of the Newborn Foal, 1991, Western Horseman Publishing
 	Seven books of veterinary cartoons since 1960, American Veterinary Publications 
	Ranchin', Ropin', and Doctorin', 1993, Veterinary Data Publishing Co. 
	Understanding the Ancient Secrets of the Horse's Mind, 2000, Russel Meerdink Co.
	Mind Over Miller, 2003 Veterinary Healthcare Communications
	A Midstream Collection, (veterinary cartoons), 2003 Veterinary Learning Systems
	The Revolution in Horsemanship (and What It Means to Mankind), 2005 The Lyons Press
	Influencing the Horse's Mind, Palomine Productions, 1984
	Imprint Training of the Foal. Palomine Productions, 1986
	Control of the Horse - The Art Of Restraint, Video Horse World, 1994
	Early Learning, Video Velocity, 1995
	Understanding Horses, Video Velocity, 1999
	Safer Horsemanship, Video Velocity, 1999
	Scientific papers - over 50 since 1959
 	Magazine articles - over 350 since 1955
Lectures & Seminars
Over 400 since 1964 to universities, veterinary associations and animal organizations on various aspects of veterinary science,
horsemanship, ethology, animal behavior-shaping, and veterinary management and philosophy. Locations have been world-
wide, including North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.
Miscellaneous Professional Activities
        Consultant and researcher for the pharmaceutical industry
        Legal consultant and expert witness, advertising and marketing consultant for the veterinary supply industry
Professional Awards
	California Veterinary Medical Association, Award of Merit, 1973
	American Animal Hospital Association, Award of Merit, 1978
	American Animal Hospital Association, Award. for Outstanding Service, 1989
	Bustad Companion Animal Veterinarian of the Year, 1995
	Colorado State University, George H. Glover Gallery of distinguished Alumni. 1995
	American Veterinary Medical Association President's Award, 1996
	North American Saddle Mule Association Lifetime Achievement Award, 1996
	Western States Horse Expo Hall of Fame, 2004

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Dr. Miller's video on how to stay safe around horses
Safer Horsemanship
Safer Horsemanship