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I Make Horse Calls - OUT OF STOCK
I Make Horse Calls - OUT OF STOCK

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Item # B-HorseCalls
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I Make Horse Calls

Written by Dr. Miller's colleague, Marcia Thibeault, DVM.

Join a modern American veterinarian as she travels the countryside helping an intriguing array of horse owners and their equally interesting horses. Come meet:

  • Mystery, the mare who trains her unsuspecting owner to come when she calls, and do a trick upon arrival
  • Annie, the gorgeous Foxtrotter who clearly knows the world revolves around her, tells her tale of love and peril
  • Jet, the retired racehorse who needs the assistance of the local fire department's Heavy Rescue Unit not once, but twice, when he puts himself in danger
  • The Filbert clan, who thinks that veterinary services should not only be available at a moment's notice and be free, but that veterinary advice, once requested, should be ignored
  • The class of unsuspecting junior high school students who come to the veterinary clinic for career day, not knowing that today's surgery will be a castration

From the rare diseases that pose diagnostic challenges, to the exhilaration of saving lives and the joy of life itself, these true, uplifting stories allow the reader a personal glimpse into the world of veterinary practice. I Make Horse Calls and More Horse Calls define the importance of teamwork between owner and veterinarian in order to save the lives of animals, while exposing the depth of the human-animal bond.

These humorous and poignant stories entertain readers with a wide array of equine and human characters and along the way deliver small doses of education about horse care. They illustrate the dedication of veterinarians and the important role owners play in the health care team that maintains their horses' good health.

If you've ever thought about becoming a veterinarian, you'll enjoy following the author on her challenging journey from show horse groom, through pre-vet classes through veterinary school and into practice.

Suitable for ages 12 and up, the stories are mostly humorous, reflecting life with a small dose of poignancy.

218 pages.  Price does not include shipping & handling or California Sales Tax. Price does not include Shipping or CA Sales Tax.

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