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Dr. Robert M. Miller is a world renowned speaker and author on Horse Behavior and Natural Horsemanship. He is also father of the revolutionary foal training technique known as "imprint training".   

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In his 30 years as an equine veterinarian, Dr. Miller has always been an innovator. Over the past 25 years, he has become a mentor to natural horsemanship clinicians around the world. His ability to explain how and why the clinicians training techniques are so effective has made him a driving force in the movement towards better, more humane, AND more effective training of horses. 

Dr. Miller being named Horseman of The Year at Road to The Horse, March 2012


+ Southern California Veterinary Medical Association honors Dr. Miller with the 2013 Don Mahan Award

+ RMM Cartoon website.  "The Other Side" of Dr. Miller is his amazing humor and cartoons. 
  Now on their own website: Coming soon RMM Cartoon T-shirts,   coffee mugs and new books. 

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+ New DVD! - Lameness: Its Causes & Prevention

+ Is It An Emergency? - Dr. Miller's new cartoon book all about dogs!

+ Handling The Equine Patient - A Manual For Veterinary Students & Technicians


= Autographed books. Customers keep asking for books signed by Dr. Miller. We had him sign a number of books such as Imprint Training, Ranchn', Ropin', an Doctorin' and Natural Horsemanship Explained. See item detail for info.

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Light Hands Horsemanship

“Equine Learning: From Birth to Maturity”
May 29 - June 1, 2014
Featuring 8 Superb Horseman

Light Hands Horsemanship
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Autographed Books

Natural Horsemanship Explained
Natural Horsemanship Explained

Ranchin', Ropin' an' Doctorin'
Ranchin', Ropin' an' Doctorin'