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Newsletter Archive

Dr. Miller's newsletter filled with tips and advice is published every other month.
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June 2014  

Weaning your foal, and how to avoid predatory behavior when working with horses.

December 2013 - How to choose a clinician; gift-giving tips for your favorite horse enthusiast.
June 2013 - Putting a fly control program in place, and planning a pack trip.
March 2013 - This month, we look back on a half-century of imprint training, and talk about laminitis prevention.
December 2012 - This month, we look at the controversy surrounding starting colts.
June 2012 - Lameness: causes and prevention for trail-riding season
March 2012 - Tips on caring for broodmares and imprint training for foals, and a visit to an innovative inmate program that uses natural horsemanship to break and train mustangs.
December 2011 - The negative effects of Rollkur (overflexion of the horse’s neck); Make sure your horse is feeling his oats this winter.
 June 2011 - The Head-shy horse
February 2011 - Foaling season and Imprint Training
 December 2010 - This month our newsletter covers the barn sour horse.
October 2010 - This month our newsletter covers choosing the right size horse for your needs.
 August 2010 - Read an excerpt from Dr. Miller's new book, A Passion for Horses & Artistic Talent: An Unrecognized Connection, a first-of-its-kind exploration of the link between horse lovers and creativity. Also: Keeping your horse hydrated on the trail, or on the road.
June 2010 - Preparing For Summer, trail riding safety and protecting your horse from heatstroke; Clinician Richard Winters gives us his account of this year’s Light Hands Horsemanship, clinic; and Preventing Laminitis.
April 2010 - Light Hands Horsemanship™, WHAT IS “LIGHT HANDS?”, An Interview with clinician, trainer, and 2009 Road to the Horse winner - Richard Winters.
February 2010 - Annual Foaling Season and Imprint Training Newsletter.  Trip to Poland,  LightHandsHorsemanship Clinic and More!
December 2009 - Dr. Miller discusses the controversy over shoeing and horse blankets.
October 2009 - Our inaugural newsletter on a very important, but often overlooked theme: Safer Horsemanship


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**NEW** Lameness: Causes & Prevention
**NEW** Lameness: Causes & Prevention