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The Population Fix

The Population FixThis book is not by Dr. Miller. However, this is a topic that Dr. Miller is very concerned about: America's explosive population growth. Most people are not aware that America has grown by 50% or over 100,000,000 people just since 1970 (after the baby boom ended!). This growth has had tremendous impact on our natural environment and now we are seeing its effects on our economy. Yet most politicians (from both parties), media people, business leaders, and even academics ignore this "other inconvenient truth."

To assist fellow author Edward C. Hartman to spread the word, we've offered to distribute this book for just shipping and handling. That's right, it's free if you order it along with any of our other items or just $6.10 S&H if ordered alone.

"This is a vitally important subject that we pay far too little attention too" says Dr. Miller. We are delighted to be able to help with this important subject.

Visit The Population Fix for more information

The Population Fix
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**NEW** Lameness: Causes & Prevention