Equine Behavior Explained - "Understanding The Ancient Secrets of the Horse's Mind"

Equine Behavior Explained - "Understanding The Ancient Secrets of the Horse's Mind"

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This concise, easy-to-read book explains why and how horses behave the way they do. It describes methods by which behavior problems can be PREVENTED, and methods which can be used to correct existing problems. Dr. Miller explains how every horse inherits ten character traits that influence its behavior. These ten traits are embedded deep within the horse's DNA and shared, without exception, by every horse that was ever born.

Understanding these 10 traits is essential to optimum communication with the horse, and is the reason the current revolution in natural horsemanship is so successful. If you understand how your horse thinks, you can control its behavior. You can teach your horse to:

- ignore the "spooky" stuff

- stand quietly while tied

- accept routine veterinary and farrier work

- come when called

- overcome "barn sour" or "herd bound" behavior

- load into a trailer calmly and willingly

- respect you as a leader

- yield its head, neck, feet and hindquarters

- respond positively whether at a show, on the trail or in the stable

In addition, Dr. Miller, who is the originator of imprint training of newborn foals, also includes an in depth discussion of this method in the book.

Are you unwittingly teaching your horse how to misbehave? Find out from the expert on equine behavior!

Softcover, 126 pages. Price does not include shipping or sales tax (Calif only)